I'm running an M13 through a Randall RG50TC and I've got a Drive setting on the M13 on top of the gain channel, but it's just not doing it for me. I've gone through all the settings and I just can't find anything else to give me a tight punchy rhythm, what overdrive pedal can give me a really short punchy sound. Like, with a thickness, but not a ton of muddy bass.
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Tighter, punchier sound? Turn down the gain, turn down the bass, turn up the mids. If you want to use the M13 to boost it, I'd use the Screamer setting. If you have graphic EQ, boost around 400-500Hz and cut below that.
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thats about the worst you could do. that much gain? i cannot imagine it sounding good. i have a feeling you are likely scooping mids. there you lose some punch. lower bass, up the mids to maybe 2:00 or 3:00, and treble to suit.

i don't know anything about the pedal, but what i would do would take some form of tubescreamer, dime the volume, tone to taste, just a tiny bit of gain. like maybe 15%.
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get a tube screamer clone like digitech's bad monkey, danelectro's or use a compressor sustainer.
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