Alright, So I have my 6505 1x12 MSDI plugged into a Line 6 UX1 interface... Is there any way to record the amp, and only the amp, without applying anything in Pod Farm? So far I have not been able to record anything unless I've applied Pod Farm amps/cabs/effects to the signal.

Maybe it doesn't work that way, but any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Peavey 6505+ 112
Line 6 UX1
Digitech RP-50
Yes its possible. Amp line out- ux1 intr in- daw record out put 3 and 4. Open podfarm. Turn down wet signal in mixer keep dry.signal up. be advised: it sounds like crap.
Actully not sure on what the daw should be set to record. Pod farms mixer will tell you.
I have the same setup except I run it through a mixer and eq first. But you should be able to just plug it in to the mic input, delete all the heads and effects, and select the mic input on pod farm.

And David I actually don't think the tone sounds that bad.