Would love to find tabs pretty for any of these songs, currently trying by ear but if anyone likes to tab stuff out would be really awesome.

Black Postcards

Sideshow by the seashore

23 Minutes In Brussels

City Kitty

Beautiful View
Hm, I'm a bit surprised by the small number of Luna tabs on the site, I could have sworn I'd seen more in the past but maybe not...

I'll work up some full tabs but for the moment I'll make notes here.

I'll start with Sideshow:
V:   D Am G
Ch?: D D Em G D D Em G D Am G G (each of those is 2 bars)

The Am's might be Am7.
In the 2nd half of the verse one of the guitars plays just the top 3 strings, with kind of a slow downstrum (slightly arpeggiated) on the Am and G:

    D        Am G
E --2--------5--3
B --3--------5--3
G --2--------5--4

The riff is like:

E --2---------------------
B --3---------------------
G --2----2h4p2p0----------
D --0-----------h4-b5r4-5- (you kind of hit the note as you're bending from 4 to 5, then release the bend to 4)

argh i had to edit and now the formatting is messed up so maybe this line will fix it?
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23 minutes:

Guitar (chords):  D D D D  D D D D  D D D D  G Gsus4 G
Bass              D D A A  C C D -  D D A A  G G F F

D - - A - - - - C - - G - - - - D - - A - - - - C - - G - A - -
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Beautiful View:

Start on the low E string, slide down from 10 to 3 (which is the first beat of the "riff" below)

The "riff" has 2 parts (the first note rings out and the last note goes straight into the next bar):

  part 1 (G)         part 2 (F)
D ------------       -3----------
A ------2-3-5- [x4]  ------2-3-5- [x2]   part 1 [x2]
E -3----------       ------------ 

Chorus: C.... G..... [x3]   F F C C G