may i know what is a pa system?

by the way, it's not my main question for this thread. I do believe like what others said, that if you put your acoustic in an electric guitar amplifier it would sound closely like an electric guitar. I wish this is true, is it true?
PA stands for public address. For a band it is the speakers that sit either side of the stage that make most of the sound that the audience hear. PA systems have to have a 'clean' sound that does not change the sound of the voices or the instruments that all go through the PA.

An electric guitar amp distorts the sound to give a sound guitarists like. An acoustic guitar needs a 'clean' amp with no distortion to sound like an acoustic guitar. Putting an acoustic through a guitar amp will just give you a distorted acoustic guitar sound and not an electric guitar sound.

You are probably in the wrong forum.
am i? Sorry coz i dont know where to place it. I didn't know it would just give a distorted sound, my friend has one but it think it's distorted. Well i guess i will just try it myself. Thnx anyway