hey guys, i am thinking of making my own sounhole pickup by buying a soundhole cover and instead of acoustic pickup, i would like to put a singlecoil. Is it possible? If yes, then tell me how, and is it ok if i would use singlecoil? If not, then forget it. Oh yeah by the way, if yes is your answer for a singlecoil, then how about humbucker.

i want to experiment pickups with my acoustic, but when i saw the prizes, i told myself to ask ug first if it's possible.
Sure could - single coils and humbuckers have basically the same wiring, so it makes no difference. I would drill the corners through the soundhole cover, then join the dots with a coping saw or knife (depending on the material). I've also seen people screw pickups straight into the soundhole and bypass the cover altogether. The only way I could think to plug it in would be to drill a hole in the guitar for the jack though.
i already have a pickup in my guitar, but it is broken already, i think it's a under the saddle kind, i dont know what you call it, but it's installed directly on the hole. By the way buddy, can you make a step by step guide 4 me with pix or without pix. Pls.