Hi UG, I'm trying to help my mom picking a guitar to buy, since she just started out playing about 2 months ago, and wants a decent guitar to play on.

I was very happy with the advice I was given last here last time I made a thread, and was hoping I could sponge off of all the virtuosos in here again. ^.^

She's essentially looking for an acoustic guitar around the 600-700 dollar class(more or less).
It has to be able to be plugged into an amp as well as being able to play without a problem unplugged.
If there are any beginners guitars that are particular easy I would be very grateful.
She mainly plays songs like "stand by me", "la bamba" I've tried teaching her, but she's not quite there yet and so on. Just good old pop songs. lol.
The sound of the guitar isn't that important it just has to be nice and clean, since she'll be doing the rhythm playing in her band.
Yamaha guitars are the best acoustic in that price range.
You just have to choose if you want nylon or steel strings.
Nylon are easier to play and some people prefer the sound of those strings. But ultimately it's a matter of taste.
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Ibanez steel-strings are cheap and always sound amazing, but like the last guy said nylon are easier (better) to play, if you look at classical guitars look at Alvarez good price for a solid product
I recently bought a Freshman FA1AN for $464.52 and I'm really impressed with the quality. It ticks all of your boxes, except the price range.
Don't be mistaken, $700 can get you an awesome acoustic guitar, not only beginners.
My friend has a Yamaha steel string and it sounds and plays great and cost him$500
lots of choices in that price range. you could probably spend a lot less with the lack of experience she has. the taks and yamahas would be a good choice. problem is.. we dont know her. would a thinner body work better for here? thin, skinny neck? we just dont know. 2 months and shes in a band already... im jealous. she's playing rhythm in a band, the sound is important. if she's like my girlfriend, its the looks over sound... for now. her guitar matches her purse.... very important that it doesnt clash when she plays "the clash"
If you're willing to go up to $800, you can get a Yamaha A3M. It has solid mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboard and bridge, and it sounds pretty great. If you go up to $900, you can get the A3R which is essentially the same but with solid rosewood back and sides (what I have, it sounds better). They both have a really good pickup/preamp that Yamaha makes:
If you want a smaller body, get either the AC3M or the AC3R. These have smaller concert sized bodies.
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