Hello fellow musicians!

First of all, excuse my English, I'm not a native speaker.
I have 2000€ (around 2,560 USD) I'd like to spend on an acoustic-electric guitar. But I really don't know what brand to choose. I was think about Martin, Taylor or Takamine, but maybe you have something else to suggest?

I'm more of a strummer guitarist and a cut body to reach high notes would be better but is not compulsory.

Anyone has a suggestion? Thanks a lot!
that's a very handsome price range. At that level there are no "bad" guitars, just preferences. Personally, i would not consider a taylor as they are too bright and tinny. MArtins are a ood choice. Another option alot of people miss is the custom built option. see how much your local luthier charges for a custom guitar.
i'd like to know whether you prefer a dread, a 000 or something smaller. also do you have a nut width preference and do you prefer a brighter guitar, one that's balanced across the highs, mids and lows, or one with more bass?
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I'm hesitating between jumbo and dreadnought sizes. For the nut, no real preference but I'd like a balanced sound across highs, mids and lows. Thank you for your help!
Made my opinion about the size, I really like the Jumbo. And thus with balanced sound, still no preference about the wood.

I was maybe thinking about the Martin GPCPA1, what do you think (and then spending a little more in the guitar)?
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If you like good balance across treble, mids and bass, be sure to try a Larrivee LV03. They have great tone, and fit in your price range. The standard one comes with a spruce top and mahogany sides, but you can also get one with a spruce top with rosewood sides. There is also a version of the same guitar with a cutaway.

Larrivees are high-end guitars that are a little less expensive than a comparable Taylor or Martin, so I think you get a lot of guitar for your money.
send me the money and i'll pick one out for you ! i just got the new 2012 Taylor catalog in the mail today- i could spend 2650 there in a heatbeat. i'd go get it to see again if there are any good suggestions but its in the bathroom and the pages are stuck together( dunno how that happened, i was only in there plucking my eyebrows mom, i swear!) the 714ce or 814ce would be ideal. i myself prefer the dreads( i gotz a k10ce beautiful sounding guitar)
Haha I just LMAO stepchildusmc! :p At first I was really thinking about a Taylor but all feedbacks I've had is that their just perfect when plugged but not that good when unplugged. What do you think?

Thanks for the idea Steve BP, I'll check that one out right away!
i dont ever think i've ever heard anyone say taylors arent good unplugged ! maybe the lower end 100=300 series.sounds like some of my shallow ovations( they stink unplugged). come to think of it, i've rarely plugged mine in( kind of a waste of electronics). i picked the taylor over the Martin becasue of the usual things ya hear... projection ! " if ya want a guitar to play for everyone else, get the martin... if your looking for one to hear yourself, get the taylor" as you can see from my last post to you, i play with myself alot!( ahem.. uhh.. guitar that is). the taylors do tend to be bright and i like that in a lot of stuff i play, for other types of music, i have other guitars( too many).