Doesn't even have to be knowing more about it. It can be something like watching the music video for it too.

Hell's Kitchen - Dream Theater: Because of their relatively large discography, the song didn't pop out to me at first, and it was kind of a "I think I've seen that song in my playlist" kind of thing until I (being bored) Googled for what other people think their top songs are. Somebody mentioned it's an instrumental masterpiece or whatever. I took a listen, and God damn, they're right! Now it's one of my favorite songs by them.

Dance of Eternity - Dream Theater: I saw the video of John Myung playing the solo in the song and read that the song has over a hundred time signature changes over the song duration. Song got a lot more interesting.

Come Back to Me - David Cook: I saw the video and found out that because the video's in reverse while he is singing the song, he had to reverse the song and learn to sing it. Rekindled my interest in the song for a short time.

Has it ever happened to you?

P.S I have no idea why I'm posting this. I'm supposed to be revising for cost accounting. :S
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Anything by the Mars Volta. At first I thought, what the hell is this, the music is weird and the lyrics don't make any sense.. Then I read a lot about the writers' personal lives, and stuff all makes sense now.

Also, Trout Mask Replica by the great Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. Takes about 10 listens before you start liking it.
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Most NOFX stuffs. Ive always been a fan but prior to learning guitar, I only thought of them as a simple catchy moshing material. Once I started playing and learning the intricacies of their songs, I respect Fat Mike more as a songwriter.
Two bands I'm obsessed about : Coheed and Cambria.
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God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You-Kiss

The back-story, video clip and just everything makes it 50 times more awesome

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Usually, I enjoy a song alot more after I learn it on an instrument. Or when I can sit down and just listen to music for a bit and listen to all the layers.

I love it when you hear little nuances in recordings

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Mother by John Lennon.

Not that its difficult to understand the message, but knowing the story of his early childhood really makes it incredibly sad.
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millionaire waltz - queen

That bassline.

John Deacon, criminally underrated. That bass is just pure poetry.
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I didn't used to like Map of the Problematique by Muse, but now it's one of my favourite songs.
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