Ok, so I recently bought a new guitar a few weeks ago and i changed the strings for a set of new ones (same gauge).

Before chaning the strings, I noticed that the neck was almost straight, with VERY little relief (i used the 1st fret to last fret method to check this) and the action was a little bit high for my taste (just a little). So after I changed the strings, I adjusted the truss rod to give more relief, but not too much. I retuned and adjusted the action, and the strings buzzed against frets. Now, mind you, I didn't lower the action too much. distance from low E to 12th fret is 1.5mm and for the high E, its 1mm (I'm guessing this is the typical 'low' action? )

According to what i read on UG and thegearpage, you need a bit of relief if you want to setup your guitar with low action and minimal fret buzz. But it seems like the guitar had less fret buzz when it had an almost straight neck So how much neck relief (if any) should there be for a low action, minimal fret buzz setup?
.2-.25 mm. According to Fender (Strat). Look into getting the frets leveled. The frets on a new gtr aren't typically perfect from the factory, unless it's from a custom shop.
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You should have just lowered the action a little at the saddles first.

Does the buzz transmit thru the amp?

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You want your neck to be "almost" straight, not perfectly straight, but pretty darn close...I'd set the relief back to where it was and adjust from the saddles like said above.

^^ The frets on most guitars from the factory, if it's not a low end guitar, are near perfect, you don't need a custom shop to have perfect frets.

1mm to me is extremely low action...you'd be fine at 2mm 2.5mm.