This is my review of the LTD H-308 & Schechter Omen-8



Omen-8 & Ltd H-308 to me they both felt about the same as thickness goes but the H-308 was a little faster to move around on but I liked the longer scale of the Omen-8 better yes it's only a inch but you can tell the difference.

The frets on both guitars was done up very nice I did not feel anything out of place and was very smooth and even. The H-308 had some very bad fret buzz (but that can be fixed with a good setup.)

The H-308 neck thru wins for the ease of higher fret past the 17 fret. Omen-8 bolt-on big heel and the way its cut out can get in the way.


This goes to the Omen-8 was very smooth and held tune thru out my testing. The H-308 was very stiff and seemed to catch at some spots (on all 8 tuners) also had a hard time keeping the guitar in tune while testing.


Both guitars felt good sitting or standing , knobs and switch did not get in the way and was very well placed. H-308 wins here the cuts and the way the guitar looks is a work of art. (Note you have to see it in person the pic do not show how this guitar looks like art).


Well this is a hard call here really depends on what you play I.E. lead playing H-308 wins big time here (EMG-808). But for rhythm to me H-308 is weak it's like they cut a lot of the bottom end out , boosted the treble and mid range. So if you're looking for the heavy chug sound you may not like what you hear. So Omen-8 wins for rhythm and the H-308 wins for lead playing.


Check spec. I like both so it's not a big deal to me but others may feel different about the wood used.


Both are very good guitars build wise they are both solid. That being said it will come down to what you want Omen-8 better for rhythm and H-308 for lead IMHO.

For me the Omen-8 wins due to it stay in tune thru out my testing and had that heavy chug sound and no fret buzz at all. H-308 most likely just needed a good setup as it was a floor model at GC .

Looks like I will not be upgrading my Omen-8 to the H-308 after playing it. I love my LTD MH-417 and was all for the H-308 till I played it. The Omen-8 to me held its own to the H-308.