So, everytime I get my settings where I want them in Pod Farm I save them., but everytime I go to load them it doesnt load up the settings. Even if i tweak them a bit or even change a preset to my liking and save them it does the same thing. Whenever I load it back up it plays back a semi-clean tone when Im making distorted presets. Not sure if anyone has this problem or would have any possible idea what to do.
Try clicking 'reload' next to the preset selection. I had a similar problem and that fixed it
ok I that and it didnt work but by that time I was rather frustrated so I'll try again. Thanks!
ok so i tried this when i got home and still no success. its as if it isnt recognizing the effects that ive made, its just amplifing the clean sound. i uninstalled/reinstalled just for shits and giggles but nada.