Hi all,

I've just bought a Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face (Dunlop JH-F1) pedal, and I'm trying to use it with a MIM Strat and a Hayden Mofo amp. I have my clean setting sorted, and when I switch the pedal on the volume drops considerably. I have to crank my volume up on the amp massively just to hear it. I've tried both running it trough the 'FX' loop on the amp, and straight into the amp (Guitar - Pedal - Amp). I always have my guitar volume on 10, and I have a fresh 9v battery in the pedal, so I'm not sure what else to try. The only way round it is to turn both volume and fuzz dials on the pdeal to max and turn my amp up; however, the result of it is a horribly over-fuzzy tone and when I switch the pedal off my clean setting is ridiculously loud.

Any help is appreciated,

As far as I can remember, the Hendrix fuzz face is by nature not a very loud pedal. it was never meant to be switched on and off. You just turn it on and leave it there, and use your volume control for cleans, unless im very much mistaken.
Ah ok. I'm trying it with a Boss ME-70 to try and get the volume up a bit with the compressor/EQ'ing, but it's not working very well lol. I may just return the pedal and see about getting a different one. I'll have to find somewhere that sells my amp, so I can try out the pedals on my actual amp. Thanks anyway.
I spent last night messing round with all the settings, but it's no use. I'm just going to return it and tell them the problem; it may even be a dodgy pedal, I'm not sure. Either way I'm returning it. Thanks anyway!
Ya, Fuzz Faces don't have much output. It's standard practice to max out both knobs. You shouldn't be having that much of a problem with the stock MIM single coils though. What's your entire signal chain?
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The JH fuzz face circuit has more output than the regular. Even with the regular fuzz face you shouldnt be having a problem with getting at least unity gain. Send it back.

Possibly could be the bias aswell, irrc there should be internal trim pots to set the bias try messing with them.
My enitre chain goes:

Guitar - Fuzz - ME70 - Amp

I do have a Crybaby Wah, but I'm not adding that until I have my fuzz sorted.

Also I'm not very good with fiddling about with electronics, so I'm just going to return it. If I can try out another one (they order another in for me for no extra charge), then I'll try that one, because as mentioned it may be a dodgy pedal.