Do any of you who know excel know how to do something like this...

Basically, I'm trying to sort out a lot of tracks on my itunes and have them as a list on excel.

Say for example, I have this:

AFI - Track - Album - Etc
AFI - Track - Album - Etc
AFI - Track - Album - Etc
Jane's Addiction - Track - Album - Etc
Jane's Addiction - Track - Album - Etc 

Is there a way to make it into this?

AFI - Track - Album - Etc
    - Track - Album - Etc
    - Track - Album - Etc
Jane's Addiction - Track - Album - Etc
                 - Track - Album - Etc 

For one thing it looks easier and it's easier to deal with.

I'm basically trying to remove duplicate values, but I can't find a way to do that without deleting the entire row...
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The easiest way is to sort by band name, then select the duplicate entries. Hold down shift, click on the second highest one, scroll down to the last one, click on it. then delete.

The hard way is a PITA for something basic like this.
Dang, I've used numerous confusing forumlae on excel in the past but never found something to use on a simple task like this.

I've got a few thousand artists to do, so unless I find a function or formula or feature, I could be in for a long one it seems.
But once you've got rid of the duplicate entries in the artist column, you'll end up with a load of blank cells.

Then when you add more to the list as your collection grows, you'll need to re-sort.

When you re-sort, you'll need the artist field filled in, so I'd recommend not deleting the duplicates.
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If the dash means a new column do this:

1) Create a new sheet
2) Copy all the columns, bar the band name column across to the new sheet, but leave the band name column empty.
3)In A2 (this is presuming that you're first band name is in A2 on the first sheet, that the band names are already arranged in groups and that the first sheet is called Sheet1, type this:
4) Copy formula down.
5) To future proof the sheet you might want to link all the information, rather than just copy it over - i.e. in column B, type =Sheet1!B1, copy down, in column c, type =Sheet1!C1, copy down, etc.
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