Found this on another forum. A guy punches his friend and puts him in a headlock to prevent him from drunk diving. Good for him for being protective and if I was the drunk guy i would be thankful (to an extent) the next day, but shit he probably could have gotten the keys in a not so violent way.

How far would you go to stop drunk driving?
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I'd eat a klondike bar.
I once got knocked out by a friend when he found me trying to shoot up.
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I'd eat a klondike bar.

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Good for his friend. A punch to the head is going to hurt a lot less than driving into another car, possibly killing some people, spending jail time, etc, etc, etc..

This f*cks up the end of his night, not the rest of his/their lives.

Who cares if the guy who threw the punch seems more drunk or not, he was sober enough to realize his buddy shouldn't be driving. All that matters.

I'm sure he tried some other shit to get the keys before he decked him to. He seemed to be getting pretty fed up with trying to talk his buddy out of it.

EDIT: Sorry if I was supposed to make a joke or something, it's just too serious a situation for me.

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I've only ever had to tell them not to be a stupid fucking dick, and they just agree. But yeah, I'd physically wrestle the keys off them if they wouldn't.
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What? That means he can drive drunk?... What?

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It seems that I typically drive my friends to parties that I'm going to stay the night at. That way if they want to leave they're gonna have to walk.
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Well, I've had a friend who almost always got physical when someone tries some dumb shit. I once had to punch my very drunk friend from fighting with a taxi driver over some seriously stupid shit. I got punched by the same friend when I mentioned I had an interest in heroin.

Nothing wrong with it if you know each other well enough.
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A friend of mine crashed into a fence while drink driving.. Pretty lucky really. I stopped him once, but didn't take the keys. I think he just waited until I walked away and drove away. He barely made it out of the driveway.