I enjoy the electronic stuff in hear a lot. I'm hoping that this gets super heavy right after this part, like a breakdown or something like that. I liked the part where the drums picked up, but i think that there were too many cymbal hits. half time the cymbals, but pick up the rest and i'd love that part.

comment me?

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Sounded really good. The sound quality is great. guitars and drums really go well together. Love the synth. great job. keep it up man
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very short preview but from what I heard, the guitars had a nice little chunk to it and I liked the drumming that was going on. I can't really say much since its soo short but it sounded good.
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C4C? Also I "Liked" it on youtube so could you do the same for mine?

Thanks for the reviews! I'll review another of yours since you reviewed 2 of mine. This song of yours sounds very good (everything but length), but you gotta make it longer my friend! I dig the lead synth, curious what it is (make & model).