This is a video of me Jamming to a slow Em track. I'd like some constructive feedback. I'm aiming for some fast as hell progressive death metal. I shred at the end. Help me with what ever feed back you can give. Also I would love any experienced progressive death metal players advice on scales, mixing scales, changing time signatures, changing keys. Link me lessons, videos, dvds, doesn't matter.


Also I'm playing the major scale right here, I'm just learning about harmonic minor. I feel dumb for not knowing.

(Comments on youtube would be rad. Subscribe to aid me me on my progressive journey.)

Thank you!
Your bends do no reach the right note. They sound out f key and clash. You could work on making sure your bends hit the right note every time
It's kind of hard to critique your actual technique because not only is your picking hand out of view, your fretting hand is also often on the edge of the screen. I'd recommend making another video
Nice creativity, but work on making your vibrato more even. A nice vibrato can speak volumes with a very simple lead.