The title is due to me constantly changing genres and playing styles... a bit of a goof off. It was put together primarily to demo my latest amp, the Pritchard Black Dagger. No pedals were used except some delay (Boomerang), along with my Casper GT custom guitar. The amp was put on the V setting (to emulate a Vox).

what does the beginning remind me of?
im waiting for some low 80s vocals to come in

the lead guitars have a cool feel to them, like theyre slightly behind the beat, nice

this is pretty cool, i understand you were just having a fun ass jam, but it turned out awesome
LOL... behind the beat. Maybe because my timing sucks. That's my biggest downfall... then again, more practice and being a better player would rectify that. I can't stand practicing. My idea of practicing is developing some kind of song while jamming, then after recording it, moving on. Thanks for the feedback.