I'm a tad new to this.

I have a standard Aria start up strat with a 10W Marshall amp.

I have bought a Zoom G1xn effects pedal which is preset with 30 patches but most have too much gain & drive and despite playing with the effects I can't seem to get the right sound for any GNR solos.

It's frustrating to be honest.

Does anybody know the basic set up to slightly resemble the sound Slash produces (without buying a Les Paul Standard and whopping great Marshall Tube amps etc.).

I don't have a Zoom but I do have a GT-10 and this is where I go to get patches and to share the ones I make. From working with these I have learned to get a true idea how the patch sounds, listen to it through a good set of headphones. The person that made it more than likely does not have the same equipment as you do. The headphones will give you the base tone then you can listen to it through your equipment and tweak it to your liking.
Once you get good at the patches remember do load your in and share wth others. this page was set up to help everyone and everyone that contributes helps out.

Here is the page. Just find which ones you have

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Have you tried the MS Crunch setting? You should have some sort of manual I suppose... Also, just using bland settings from your amp could help too and don't use your guitar's volume knob at full throttle, maybe something in the middle, that helps cleaning the sound a bit.
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Slash's tone comes from, as you pointed out yourself, a Les Paul and a big Marshall valve amp stack. Not only do you have neither of these things but you do in fact have the exact opposite of these things. It shouldn't be surprising that it's going to be an absolute mission to sound like him.

The first thing you need to do to get even remotely close is to get your guitar sounding fatter. That means bumping up the bass a tiny bit, push the mids an awful lot and roll back the treble a touch. Slash additionally often rolls his tone control back and most of his guitars have specificially mid-heavy pickups put in so you've got to really push yours. A +8dB boost to the mids, about +3dB to the bass and about -2 to the treble should do it. You want all that to happen before the amp. You'll also want to make sure you're using the combined pickup selections (bridge+middle and neck+middle) and you'll probably want to roll your guitar's own tone controls down from 10 to about 7 or 8, just to take the very top off. All that needs to happen before the amp stage. An EQ pedal is the obvious choice, an on-board mid boost/EQ shaper is the second choice. I'm not familiar enough with the Zoom line of products to know exactly what settings you may use there but if there's any kind of basic EQ shaping/boosting, use that.

Your amp is, I would assume, solid state. To get a solid state amp sounding like a valve amp you've got an equally touch mission on your hands. Maxing the mids, keeping the bass high and rolling the treble and presence knobs back a bit will get you closer to the vibe but it'll still sound noticably harsh no matter what.

If your Zoom thingy can't do EQ but it can at least do amp modelling, what you're basically after is a Plexi setting (most of the amps Slash has used have been based off the Plexi mold with some small modifications) with a lot of mids.
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Anyone know how to get the clean and distorted sound for "Gotten" by slash on g1xn ?

ok in case mr flibble didn't get the point across dude you just plain don't have the proper gear to get what you want. i'm guessing you are a beginner so here is one of guitars sad lessons for the noobs. rock stars have way better gear so duplicating their tones on beginner stuff just ain't happening. i have a top of the line fender strat and a tube amp plus some nice fx pedals guess what i can't sound like slash either. wrong tools for the job plain and simple. slash is LP and a british voiced tube amp plain and simple. you don't necessarily need his exact gear but you have to be in the ballpark. sorry to rain on your parade but it's just one of playings bummers.