Hello, does anyone know anything about this guitar ? From what I've come across, they seem to be pretty rare. There is a guy I know, who wants to sell this guitar for abour 700$ with bridge changed to some kind of bridge with piezo and EMG 81/SA/85 set. Is it worth it ?
Thanks in advance for your answers.
for $700 you should get it, you are correct its a pretty rare guitar! And a good one at that
The following is from the
Blue Book Of Electric Guitars 12th Edition - Price Guide
It was co-designed by Frank Gambale and debuted in 1991
Comes stock with Gotoh fixed bridge and DiMarzio pickups. Comes in Black or White.
The following is what is listed for prices.
100% - NEW - N/A
98% - MINT - $900
95% - EXC+ - $775
90% - EXC - $650
80% - VG+ - $550
70% - VG - $450
60% - G - $350
You have to determine the condition. But remember the price is only as good as to what someone wants to pay. With the add ons you described you have to weigh the difference.
One last thing, if the guitar plays great and YOU LIKE IT, as long as your close on the price then pay what you want.

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Sorry, I mixed the currency rate, it is around 580$ in fact, so I gues right now it is totally worth the money, right ?