People keep on telling me that this sounds like something that already exists, but neither I nor anybody else can put their fingers on it. Does this sound like something from a game or a movie that you know? For some reason I think I've heard something very similar in a Pokemon game before.


EDIT: it's only the first part that I'm talking about, not the whole song. Just the first trumpet melody.
did you write this? I like it a lot. I used to play a lot of games when I was younger and off the top of my head this reminds me of something out of the early "Final Fantasy" game series that was on the nintendo and snes consoles.
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I rarely like the music people post on here, but I actually really enjoy this.

It reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy as the first guy said, but mixed with a bit of Zelda into it.
it reminds me of final fantasy
with ...oh ^

this is dope. it makes me want to throw a beat over it
bum bum bum bum
and get some pop vocals going
yeeeeahhhhh ohhhh yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
then drop the wub wubs
then throw in a screaming guitar solo
dingingalingalingdiddlediddledodododdiddle wwwwwhhhhrrrrrreeeaaaarrrrrrrhmmm

then have an 80s phil collins drum solo then bring it all back in