Hey everyone,

I'M in the middle of tabbing something, and I'm more than familiar with Guitar Pro (using version 5) but it struck upon me I can't do a bend and attribute a pull-off to the same note. Is it just me or is there a workaround or something?
I do agree that its important to be as correct as possible, so don't think I'm downing that, but if its not possible, soundwise its not that big of a deal. Also, if someone were to read it and play it, they may learn or are able to learn it as a pull-off anyways.

I know on tuxguitar you can't do it so blah. good luck.
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I think if you split up the value of the note (say, if it's a quarter note, have one eighth note and another one tied to it) then put the pull off on the second note it should work.

Oh, that's a good idea, thanks