Hey guys, I am building a custom cabinet, and I was thinking of saving some money by getting used speakers. I found a pair of g12t75's for $130 on craiglsist, which I am told were made in the 80s or early 90s. Now I'm not a speaker guru by any means, so I don't know whether the speakers' age is a benefit or a setback.

On one hand, I have heard of people buying older speakers to get a more "vintage" tone ("they don't make 'em like they used to" etc.). On the other hand, I hear that old speakers tend to sound bad, with a dull high end and a flabby low end.

So, I guess it all boils down to the following question(s): do older used speakers really sound so bad? And if so, is the price of new speakers worth the supposed improvement in tone?
Also, any recommendations as to what I should use for the cab I am currently building are certainly welcome.
If you want to save some money then check out WGS Speakers, or Warehouse Guitar Speakers.


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A "tubescreamer" is a person paid by a guitarist to stand behind the amp and scream at the tubes. This terrifies the tubes into overdriving and delivers a thick, harmonic-rich tone.
the thing you probably heard regarding about Celestion's new speakers in china, and the older ones in England. IMO the English are superior, a have a pair of newer Chinese t75's and two quads of English T75's. i have a lot of English Celestions and they are great. IMO. although T75's aren't my favorite speaker, they still sound really good.