Need help for my IGCSE final project: I want to build a guitar instead of the usual cofee table/stool's that everyone makes, problem is I need a problem! I cant just randomly build another strat copy I have to be solving a problem (for example a bowl is solving a problem: you can leave fruit on a table, where do u place it?). Also It should require a few processes as opposed to just shaping/routing and then wiring and finishing. I was thinking build an extremely ergonomic guitar from scratch? this would then require a problem like: Stop guitarists from receiving stress on their shoulders or something...

I don't have exact details on what I need but please try to take this somewhere.

Ive been wanting to do a double neck 7 string with a Floyd (7 string Floyd and then a fretless 6 string)

Help me out please!
it seems like the problem youre solving is how can i get the osunds of two different instruments to be played by one muscisian without having to switch intsruments
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If that bowl thing is a good enough reason, then just say that you're building a guitar to solve the problem of not having a guitar.

lol. Yeah this sounds like a stupid project. Depending on the coolness of the teacher, maybe you could just politely ask them if you can build this. They might let you because of how much more work it is than a stupid bowl.
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Problem: There are too many Les Paul/Strat/Flying V/PRS body style copies.

Solution: Do something unique, something no one has ever seen before.

An acoustic in the shape of a treble clef would be gorgeous if you pulled it off.
(Just an idea.)
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Do it for the lulz.

In all seriousness, you can probably have some pretty weird mods on it. Like LED's behind the pickups (redundant), or a switch to split the hummbucker pickups into single coils, or you can build a 12 string, or you could build a double neck with one 12 string and a switch to split the hummbucker pickups and LEDs behind the pickups, which would essentially be a b.c. rich bich with LEDs behind the pickups.
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Your solving the problem of people being assholes and confining your creative limits and shoving them in a box.. or in this case, shoving them into a bowl. You are solving the issue of the lack of joy in the world by both providing you with the experience of building your own instrument that will be with you for the rest of your life, and providing the world with MUSIC. This guitar will be more than a piece of furniture, it will both be capable of displaying emotion, and be in itself a work of art. You can buy a fruit bowl at ANY dollar store. Try finding a guitar there. It's clear where the problem lies, and its clear that you are solving it.

Tell them that.
Opt for the guitar stand...... and , naturally, then you have the "problem" of what to put on it.
Voila! A guitar!!!!!!!!
Perhaps devise a unique method of cradling an unusual shape...like a guitar!?!? Mebbe an odd way of displaying one or a wall mount??
Think outside of the box!
A plain solution is "form follows function" and has it's own elegance of design.