Hey, so I'm in the middle of building what was going to be a 2x12 guitar cab, but have recently been considering putting some full range PA speakers in it
(specifically, these: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=290-409&source=googleps )
I have the Zoom G3 multi fx and LOVE it, it sounds great no matter what i plug it into; Amp, PA, Keyboard amp, bass amp, you name it.

So I was thinking, if I put full range speakers in this cab, i can use my amp modeling, or plug in a bass, or plug in a mic for some vox... it'd be a small, cheap, and easy way to have whatever I want, wharever and whenever i want it (jamming purposes only)

My question; Can you guys recommend me a head? I would like to get a small, cheap, powered mixer type thing, so that I could plug in an xlr cable, and possibly multiple inputs, although a bass head with an xlr adapter could work too. I was even considering a Crate PowerBlock,
Also; I know this is a strange idea, but please don't try to "talk me out of it" and tell me to just build something that would sound better or w/e. I like my idea, and I want to try it out

All I"m looking for are suggestions. thanks!