Sorry if this thread isnt in the right area.. seemed out of place in the recording section because that focused more on UG members recordings rather than discussion of the interfaces themselves.. I'm looking for a standalone device.. so one that doesnt need a computer to run off of so i can put it in my acoustic guitar case and record whenever i feel the need. im looking for something that has a mic input, line in input, speaker output, usb output, also the ability to run off of external power via usb or power adapter if at all possible. the ability to record while its connected to my pc would be nice too. the device should have a small backlit interface too. any recommendations on where to research these kinds of things? maybe some brand names or something. also could someone list the more popular ones? i've tried searching for some but all the ones i've seen either lack a mic input, or need to be run while connected to a pc. i guess if the built in mic wasnt terrible i could use it. but i dont know anything about any of these devices so i would need someone to point me in the right direction.. any help is greatly appreciated
There're loads of those things. Off the top of my head - Roland R26, R5, Zoom R16 and any of the Zoom Handy recorder units.
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As well as those mentioned above:

Fostex & Tascam are the leading manufacturers of multitrack recorders which are truly standalone kit. Yamaha are another option, but (and this is only my personal opinion) they aren't as user friendly.

Boss also make them, but are often slightly more expensive for the equivalent specification.
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