Hi guys

I'm selling my black beauty.

Company: Caparison
Model: Dellinger
Color: matt black
Year: 2006
Serial number: 1120182
Price: 950€ + shipping costs (we can still talk about the price a little bit)
Country: Slovenia
Payment methods: Paypal or bank transfer

The guitar is in super condition, just the case is a little bit damaged because somebody kicked it while my gig. The guitar wasn't inside so it's just the case. The guitar was just set up by a professional. And also a new pack of strings are on.
And there is a little finish "damage" if you can say that so. It's just that the matt color turned into gloss over the years. But it's just a little (1cm x 0,5cm) circle under the front singlecoil. It's kind of hard to spot it

For more information please contact me at: hahn.matej@gmail.com

More in the pictures:

Have a great day!
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