hi,today i've bought a brand new marshall tsl 122 combo made in 2011 for about 2000$
but i have a problem with it,when i switch between the clean and drive channels,the drive tone won't come immediately and takes about 2 seconds to really change,now i wanna know is that problem general in amps when switching between clean and drive because of tube warming up or just my amp has this problem?

another question:i've read many bad reviews about the tsl range but i wanna know that has the problems(like overheating,main board issue problems,bias drift...) gone in the newer models (like my 2011)or they are still there
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The delay in switching between channels is a matter of concern for every all-tube amps producer. But the delay you've mentioned is far too long, longer than anything similar I've ever heard of: it prevents you from fully using the amp live or in studio work. As far as I know, it is a common issue for the TSL range, but again, it makes quite a difference whether the delay is 2 seconds or a quarter of a second.
But didn't you check the amp before paying an astonishing 2000 USD?
Anyway, it is better to take the amp to service first. If it's a problem due to poor components or poor build quality (most Marshalls are now made in countries like India or China, and even those made in the UK areput together by Pakistani or Bengali workers), the service has the obligation to solve it. If it's a design flaw, a good expert in electronics can find a solution to diminish the delay up to a tolerable level, so you can use the amp live.