This is a simple country/folk song, though the music is not really written yet. Very new so it'll get better.

The wind blows along Gower Road
A broken radio playing low
I've got a rucksack and a student loan
And a northbound train to go
Do you still think about me
I wonder on the way
Shaking my head as I pass your house
it's the same old cliche

Oh i'm leaving you tomorrow
I'm leaving you today
Does it matter when I leave?
I suppose it's all the same
to you

Well I saw you yesterday
In a fancy restaurant
With a red dress to match your cheeks
Did you know what you want? was it me?
It was me you tried to change
I suppose you meant it well
But I've got no time for your
perfect impression of hell

The leaves fall easy from the trees
So why can't we?


The shadows in the park
Were taller yesterday
We tricked each other, girl
Nothing more to say
the winter sun's an apple
Hanging on the ceiling baby blue
It's time I picked it and
I won't give any to you

(chorus x2)