I have the ibanez RG7321FM,and i am thinking about replacing the pickups.I was thinking about getting the DiMarzio DP708 Crunch lab 7 string bridge pickup and I wanted some opinions if you guys think that would be the right choice,and if so which neck pickup would go good with it.

I'm looking for a good Djent sounding pickup.
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Crunch lab and liquifire would be perfect. bulb still uses that combo a lot.

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if you want Djent first of all you need to get the sound on the amp right, otherwise you wont be going anywhere.

but like everyone else says, the Djent pickup combo these days seems to be the Crunch Lab/Liquifire, and i cant fault them in any way. if you have a good budget tho i'd suggest looking into Bareknuckle Pickups
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May as well get the CL/LF as the BKPs are only tweaked Dimarzios.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb