Still working on this one, any advice or criticism welcome.

Television, television,
Teach me how to lie,
My parents left me here,
So they could live their lives,
Raised on a diet of,
Soda and cartoons,
Held back by images,
Of life outside this room,

Absorbing cathode rays,
A new disease,
Thus is my punishment,
To live a life of ease,
My mother questions,
Why I stay inside,
But she's the reason for,
This black hole in my life.

- Chorus
- Other verse?
This really isn't too bad; it's simple, to-the-point--I'd listen to it and probably enjoy it. You did a pretty good job of using the ABCB pattern without it getting stale or contrived, too. In fact I quite liked the first verse.

Given your band's influences, I probably don't need to tell you that your song doesn't have to be very long, and even if you just added a short third verse or bridge part, you'd probably be good to go.

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