Im pretty happy how this song turned out and i hope you like it. Would be nice with both some mixing crit and the actually song itself. I recorded all the guitar with Peavey 6505 so the clean may not be top notch so to speak. I would also appreciate if some1 had a good bass drop sample cuz mine is pretty shit :P. More information about my gear is in the link:


C4C ofc!
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That was a great song! Only thing I'd say is try holding the last note for a bit and see how that sounds.
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The intro was really nice, it was a bit hard to tell what was going on when everything kicked in but then I adjusted quite quickly. That riff at 1:10 kinda reminded of KSE for some reason. There was a sick effect at 3:02, although I think you can improve on the sound for that one second after. Like, the guitar volume seemed to have faded in after it, and the impact of that effect at 3:02 is lost. It's a really subtle touch but it's just something I picked up on. It should be like when you used that same effect with your bassdrops afterwards, if that makes any sense. That whole section is pretty sick in general.

Well I enjoyed the song in general, kinda sounds like Essence actually, and if you haven't heard of them I'm sure you'll like them. I think that crash is a little too high in the mix, it's quite sharp on the ears, but the drums sound sick in general. The mix overall is pretty tight. Nice one.
Never heard of Essence be4 but will give them a try . And actually a big inspiration on this song was The Ghost Inside, and actually my favorite band 3-4 years ago was KSE so i guess they are a big influence for me in my guitar play. I think i know what u mean with the reverse snare effect at 3:02 but i honestly think it sounds pretty good. Don't really know how to change it. And thanks for the detailed critic, it's always intresting to read