Hey guys,
I have a BC Rich ASM With a floyd rose and have been playing it for almost 4 years now and figured it was time for upgrade..

I have been scouring the net but there are just too many models and i cant wrap my head around em!

I wanted something which has these features-

-Really good pick ups ( active if possible)
-Floyd Rose
-Capable of low tuning and action
-Should be comfortable for shredding and leads
-I would really love it if it looked devilish!

I play Metal and rock mostly (Iron maiden, Metallica, AC\DC, opeth, FFDP etc ) so want a guitar thaat can handle it, but also want to venture into blues and jazz in the future so want a versatile instrument!

My Budget is not that great, about 800-900$

Really need your advise because I'm gonna stick with that guitar for a long time!

Thanks a ton!
Pretty much any Schecter can handle that. A lot of people give crap on them but I personally like mine. This would work.


As for fast leads, I think you can really do that on any guitar if you wanted to, it wouldn't be THAT difficult to transition to another neck size.

An ESP LTD would do the trick too.

This one has a floyd. Im a fan of this guitar (though I havent played the one with the floyd) and this pick up combo. Great for High gain and can do rock and such. It would prolly handle lighter stuff too.

If you're going to stick with it for a while I suggest not going the "devilish" route. I went that way with my dean (great guitar) but I regretted it. Worked when I was strictly into the heavy stuff but now in a pop punk/rock band it would never fit. just some ideas for you tho!
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