Hello! So I've decided it's time for me to build my own custom guitar. Ive decided on a telecaster. Could anyone with experience give me some tips / price range. This would be my first guitar build and I want to do it right .
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we need more info on what you intend to do. Are you going to assembly one from parts off of ebay or warmoth, are you going to build the body and buy the neck or build everything?

Do you have access to woodworking tools? What type of woods did you have in mind.
I would be assembling the guitar from parts off Ebay/websites. I saw a qulited maple body, im not quite sure on what neck I want yet. I just would like some assembling advice/wiring tips. I plan on staining the body as well and pointers on that would be ideal. Telecaster - which pickups are best for their buck (Ive never replaced pickups on a guitar) and should I watch out for anything tricky which I could overlook and could ruin my project
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GFS are nice(so UG says) and cheap. They have a wide selection on pickups you could try em out.

This, GFS deffinately has the best selection and probably best quality budget pickups you can find. Its a good place for hardware and tele bodies as well, though as for necks guitarheads.net sells some nice tele necks that I believe are Mighty Might.
When buying a neck and a body to assemble together make sure the neck has the correct scale length and number of frets that the bridge placement on the body was made for originaly. Or it will never work. Unless you want to fill the holes and drill/route for your own placement to match the neck.

Either way bro good luck on your project!
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for pickups I highly suggest toneriders. they are a little more pricey, but they are amazing! Good luck with your build!
I'm planning a tele build from Warmoth. I'm going with a 24 fret neck though, which is not standard for a tele. I plan to put a Twangbucker slant in the bridge and a Fralin noiseless P-90 in the neck and use a blend pot instead of a selector switch. I'll be experimenting a lot with this one. I'm also going for a stained wood look, though I'll be mixing tung oil and stain and rubbing in the finish. Film forming finishes are not for the novice in my opinion.