I've suddenly had a great deal of inspiration these last couple weeks, and I've gotten the idea to write a concept album/EP (depending on how many songs I can get out of it) revolving around a story brought up in a song that I wrote with one of my best friends (who is also my top music bro).
I've typically written simple, three-chord acoustic songs before, but with this I'm challenging myself more and plan on having more complex songs with full instrumentation (when finished). However, my dillemma lies in how to go about writing/recording it. I fully plan on writing all the songs myself, and my school has a good recording space with professional quality microphones and Pro Tools, so if I were to just keep it acoustic the recording would be a breeze. Just doing the original versions of these songs acoustic is Kind of what I want to do, but I don't want to offend the person who helped me write the first song (this song was written in the summer, by the way). He has offered to start a band with me and another one of our friends, which I'm definitely interested in, but for now I at least want this concept project to be my own thing. Am I wrong to want to do this on my own?

Summary: I'm writing some songs that my friend wants in on, but for now I want to keep it to myself. What do?
Do you have any home recording equipment? Even like a four track would do.

Personally, I'd do something like this:

1) Record basic home demos of the songs.

2) Arrange them the way you see fit.

3) Show the demos to other like minded musicians and jam them out, see how they evolve.

4) Record the demos again, this time revamped with the other musicians. (Maybe don't tell them that this is a band, just a project. You need them, basically, for recording).

5) Listen to the new demos over and over again to make sure that they are solid as they are.

6) Get into that school studio of yours and record your arse off!

That's how I'd do it, anyways. There are so many ways to approach this. Just tell everyone involved that you're working on this solo project, but will give them all credit on the final product if they help you out.

Either way, sounds like a fun project! Just tell your friend you'll give him credit where it's due, but the rest you're going to do on your own.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
do them as your own concept album and then do another version with your friend (as long as his ok with it). i've had this sorta dilemma before.

EDIT: the idea above is much better than my one.
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BassFishin has a good idea there. Also, I would not feel bad at all about wanting to do it yourself, since it's a challenge you presented to yourself. Your friend won't mind, since he could be busy with his own band (if you haven't gotten this yet, check my username )

I say follow that idea though, and if you need help anywhere, I or anyone else would surely be happy to give you any help you may need, musically or lyrically, or even recording-ly.
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