Im having a problem with my high G, B, and E strings. When I play fretted notes past the 12th fret I notice that the sound of the strings (using distortion) becomes, for lack of a better word, inconsistent. Its hard to explain the sound that is made, but the sound is "pulsating", instead of having a constant ringing quality. Any ideas what this problem is? When i change strings it seems to go away for a couple days, but then it comes right back.
either you're not holding down the strings hard enough or you're buying shitty strings
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Is this with your EMGs? Or another guitar?
Passive pickups too close to the strings can cause this, but EMG magnets aren't powerful enough to cause that particular issue.
Intonation could be an issue, but usually the quavering comes when two or more notes are played at once.
I get something similar in the same place when my action is too low, like the vibration of strings brings them in too close proximity to the neck/frets not enough to outright rattle but enough that it sounds warbly. That would be consistent with what you said about it going away with new strings but coming back a few days later after the new strings have relaxed a bit.
Like Roc said, try checking intonation your strings again. Sometimes the intonation will get exaggerated at higher frets like that and cause some pretty harsh tones.
Yeah its with the my EMG's, I'll check my intonation and action, thanks a lot.