I suppose that sounds odd. What i mean is, after the instrument part, what do you guys think a band should do when it comes to the internal dynamics.
In my band Virtues must live (Click here to listen) we kind of have our own places. I'm the singer, and predominantly i write the songs. Our guitarist Organises gigs. Our drummer works on promoting us. Our other guitarist works on the social media side of us,and our bassist drives the van. Obviously we all do our bit, but that's the main jobs we take on.

What do you think, should a band all get stuck in with everything, or is it better to have everyone take thier own job and guide everyone else on that??
I don´t understand why one person should just do one thing, I think everyone should a bit of everything, your a band and should all work together and help in anyway that relates to the band, idk personal opinion.