I am, it's just that I'm new to using the Pod HD I'm using to record and I can't find much help with creating a tone to accommodate my style of playing so I had to work with it manually with the little experience I have with it. Basically, I made a pretty decent tone myself but I'm not sure how to make it sound tighter so that it doesn't keep ringing my low E when I palm mute regardless of how hard/soft I pick or press on the string. I've been asking around but no luck.
Hey Eric, Have you tried turning your gain way down so there is less distortion? That will help with the problem you described if i understand you correctly. But it appears that in your video your not even doing the palm mutes?
I can assure you that I am, same goes for all my videos. It would sound absolutely horrible if I wasn't :P. There is still a slight ringing regardless if I do or not with the tone I have on the Pod though. I can try turning the gain down but I'm really trying to keep the tone I have going now, just figuring out a way to get those palm mutes to be tighter. I messed with it a bit since I made the cover and made it a bit better, but I haven't entirely solved the problem.