I got my Gibson sg faded brown about a year ago and it has never been set up at a guitar shop, i've got a new amp on its way so i was just wondering if i should set up my guitar up not?
Do you like the action at the moment? Does it stay in tune nicely? Is the intonation good? If the set up is free then go for it but if not then only if one of the boxes aren't ticked.
seems to have all three one of the humbuckers sounds like it's playing through a cheap radio when i switch it to that one though

This is not meant as an insult, but I bet you have no idea how good your guitar can play. If you get a setup done by a reputable tech your guitar will feel so much better you'll be shocked.
I like how the TS put "I got a new amp" in the OP so no one asked him what his amp was, haha.

Anywho, the SG is a pretty straight forward guitar. You could go find some guides online and learn how to do it yourself. That will save you money in the future and help your overall understanding of the guitar. When it comes to Electrics, I'm a very DIY dude.
An unusually thin sound coming from a stock Gibson would indicate a problem with how that particular pickup is grounded (either it's touching something it shouldn't or it's not touching something it should). It could be something as simple as a cold solder join at the toggle switch or volume pot. Either way, it's a simple fix (thirty seconds with a soldering iron once you've found where the problem is) and it's not something most shops would include as part of a basic set up anyway.

Not to mention that shop set ups are overpriced, let alone what a luthier or proper tech will charge you. Ultimately all a set up means is adjusting the guitar so it plays best for you. The best person to make those adjustments is you. If you can hold a screwdriver and you own a ruler then you can set up a guitar. It's better you do it yourself as it A) saves money and B) will result in a more comfortable guitar as you're able to check every adjustment you make as you go, matching the guitar to your hands and how you play.
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well one of the pickups is right out of the guitar and one is basically inside it could that not be why it has a thin sound?
Instead of getting it set up, you should learn to do it yourself. I honestly can't believe that people pay to have this done. Even if money isn't an issue, the old phrase "if you want it done right, do it yourself" will always be true.
the guitar action seems fine i think it's just the pickups i have to adjust