---Because of poor maintenance and moronic adolescence i'm having now issues with both my guitar and amp. If anyone could give me some suggestions to what my major problems are and provide some trouble shooting, if i should replace or clean some things on of both the guitar and amp. It would be nice to know whats up from the communities opinions before i decide what to do with my stuff and take them to be repaired or if i can do it myself. I appreciate any help
---I have a ESP-LTD 500 eclipse and my amp is a Peavey Valve King Tube amp, Model VK 212.
---To start off I have a condition with my hands that makes me produce sweat much more than a normal person would, and it especially applies to rigorous motions like playing my guitar in this case. Some screws on the neck and bridge pick ups are rusted, as well as the fine tuner and tail piece starting to oxidize. The volume and tone knobs create a static and bad feedback sound when i increase or decrease them. Also the output jack seems to always have issues when i connect to my amp, and i have to wiggle it around in order to get a sound out properly.
---As for the amp, in the Clean settings, there is major amount of distortion, very muddy sounding and low sounding. I have two input jacks. The first one needs to be wiggled just to get any sound, and the second connects fine, but regardless i get the same bad sound from the amp that i never before. All of these were bout new, approx about 3-4 years ago, and i played very frequently for the first two years, but off and off the rest.
Hey bud. I'll try to help you out. Welcome to UG and 'free bump'.

I used to own a Valveking so I can help but let me try to address the guitar first. There are lots of people who sweat a lot so don't feel like you are alone. It is very difficult to reverse the oxidation or rusting affect. You can replace rusted or oxidized electronic parts yourself if you know how to solder. The solder connections are very important so if they start to become compromised a new solder joint maybe all that is needed. If the rust is getting inside the pickups or a volume pot (potentiometer) control for example then those components may or may not need replacing too. Same for bridges, tuners, strings, screws, etc.

Therefore - you may want to consider getting a new guitar and make sure that you wipe it down after each play or every 20 minutes or whatever. If you want more specific information on how to change or test any of the things mentioned so far let us know. Also, contact cleaner (Dioxit from Radio Shack for example) is great to have. You can use that in pots and insert jacks. Compressed air might help for drying out pickups/guitar cavity.

As far as the amp - the first thing I would do is verify that it is not your guitar causing these problems. Can you plug in a different guitar? Maybe take your amp to a guitar store and tell the sales guy you want to try out some guitars but on your amp. That said, there are several things you can do with the Valveking (any amp really). Clean the insert jacks with contact cleaner. Clean the tube sockets with contact cleaner (while amp is off and let it dry). The sockets are where the tubes go in. Take the tube out, spray some cleaner in the socket holes, work the tube in and out to lubricate fully, let it dry, put tube back in).

Also, I would consider getting a new preamp tube or two. JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes are about $15 each. Try the dummy jack trick and effects loop trick (see VK Thread). I would highly recommend replacing those horrid speakers they use. But I think a muddy Clean channel is indicative of a crappy preamp tube. Probably V1 which is the one closest to the insert jack. They don't screw out, you pull them strait out - maybe wiggle a bit.

Do some of these things and report back.

Here are a few links that might help further:

Guitar Set Up Sticky:

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How to replace preamp tubes:
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thanks man. this is plenty of help. gonna attempt a go at what you've written. if all fails then i'll report back appreciate the help
Also look into Tri-Flow Superior Dry Lubricant. You can often find it at bicycle shops. A friend of mine has the same problem as you. We use the Tri-Flow on his bridge and nut. It dries very fast and leaves a completely dry Teflon membrane in place that protects the metal from your sweat and gives great lubrication for the contact points on the tremolo.
"The volume and tone knobs create a static and bad feedback sound when i increase or decrease them. Also the output jack seems to always have issues when i connect to my amp, and i have to wiggle it around in order to get a sound out properly."

Might want to try DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner, for cleaning both input jacks on the amp, and volume/tone controlls...


Good stuff!

Also see: Effects Loop Dirty Jacks Explained: http://ztalk.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=xperts&thread=38818&page=1
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