I'm not gonna lie, the tone isn't great. It just sounds way to thin and lifeless in my opinion. Your phrasing seemed a little odd in some places too, but I like the idea you have here. And do I some Santana influence in your playing?

Anyway, I just think it sounds too...synthesized. A little too digital, you know? Just my opinion, though.
The problem is... hearing this amp live and/or through my studio monitor speakers is one thing... then putting it through mp3 is quite another (no way of getting around that for uploading to this site). And there are no effects added to the sound. I wanted to demo the raw amp as it is, whereas just about every musician (barring some pure jazz enthusiasts) will have at least one pedal, and certainly that is true for rock. Add just a hint of distortion and the amp sounds huge. It's extremely responsive to effects, moreso than the three tubes I own.
I put it together in about an hour (if it sounds choppy). It was to demo a particular amp tone (as I did other songs to demo its other tones). I consider my song writing as practice and jamming... no intention of creating a 'finished' product, but thanks for the feedback.