Well they both have mahogany wood, same fret numbers and styles, Grover tuners, rosewood fingerboards, a quilted maple top (if you get the black cherry finish for the Hellraiser), etc. The main differences I'm seeing is the Damien has a bolt on maple neck, and the Hellraiser has a three piece set neck. Personally, I prefer the set necks a lot but to each his own. There is also a difference in pickups, but I don't know much about EMG since I use passive pickups, so I can't tell you which is "better" between the two guitars pickup-wise. The Hellraiser also has binding. The Hellraiser also has coil tapping. I think overall the Hellraiser is a more versatile/higher grade guitar (just from reading about it), but to each his own. Best way to tell is play them in person =)

This is also just from a quick glance at them so there could be more differences.
Big difference - the neck heel. The Hellraiser's set neck is very carved down and quite easy to access the upper frets. The Damien has a Fender-like neck heel (which is MASSIVE). The Damien is a bit brighter due to the bolt on maple neck compared to the hellraiser's mahogany set neck.
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Well if the Damien Elite is anything like the Damien 6 neck wise, the neck heel isn't that big, but i still prefer the heel on the Hellraiser series. 81 TW just means it can be coil tapped. I prefer maple necks myself, so that's mainly preference. Look used and you can prolly find a Hellraiser for the same price as the Elite. I found an almost mint C-7 Hellraiser with a hard case for like $450. So be aware if you buy the hellraiser new and try to resell later you're gonna take a pretty big hit. Having said that, they're both great guitars.