Before i.begin id like to acknowledge the fact that my gear or setup isn't the best and that I'm working with a very tight budget and I'm asking questions for future references so please refrain from trolling.

So i have a fender mustang II amp and i run a G1XN mfx pedal into it and it sounds great (compared to the Vypyr i used to own) even though I'm having trouble eq'ing the amp properly to accompany my pedal the volume and gain knobs are the.challenge as i can never get it to sound the way i want it lately I've been putting the gain at 5 on a clean channel and volume at 5-7 I'm wondering if this is effective or if i should be messing with the volume on my pedal?

Another question what's a really good mfx pedal under $300?
And what types of amps are best for these kindve pedals?
I guess I'll be the first to say, but if you want to spend $300 on a pedal, you are way better off putting it towards a different amp.

But more seriously what kind of sound are you trying to get?

EDIT: set your amp gain down and use the pedal for gain when you want it. It will sound better.
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Thanks for the tip.
Not trying to get a specific sound more like trying to find the perfect balance of the bass and treble on the clean chanmel that way it translates better when im using the distortions on my pedal.
There's allegedly a settings thread somewhere that you'd probably benefit from. I'd give you the link but I can't find it at the moment...

Start with your gain down around 1 (I don't have either amps you mentioned so I'm just saying, turn it way down) and eq's all at 12 o'clock (half way up). Get playing and make minor adjustments, up and down, on one nob at a time. I can't tell you how important it is to go one at a time. You'll find a sweet spot that you can work with for now.

Once you've got that, adding your dirt pedal should be easy. No pedal is going to make your amp sound the way you want if the amp isn't set where you need it first.

Good luck hope it helps.
Sell your Mustang, add the $300 you would spend on a pedal, and get a decent amp with an effects loop. Throw the multifx in the loop, and save up for some dirt pedals. I'm not going to snob about your gear, the amp is fine for what it does, but getting another pedal or a different one isn't the best idea here.
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