Right now i have an Epiphone special II and am looking for something more comfortable to play
Things i don't like about my Epi:
Hard to access lower frets 14,15,16 and so on
Frets feel too small when i Barre or Power chord
neck is too thick, hinders my ability to barre for long periods of time without hurting

I compare that last reason to when i played my friends LTD, it had a skinny comfortable neck and easily accesible low frets. But I'm sure that guitar would be outta my price range as I'm looking for something in the $200-$300 range.

Brands I'm interested in are: Ibanez, Esp, Jackson, PRS
I'm partial to active EMGs as well.
Any suggestions?
Willing to go used?
Hardtail/ Floyd?
And body shape pref?
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Well, witha budget like that I would rather wait a little while till you can invest at least 4-500 if you actually wish to see a big difference.

Also, you should take a look into some ESP LTD's I've had some good experiences with them in the past.
Dump that Epiphone and save up for a ESP LTD EC-400 or something. These go for a little bit over $400.

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VM Strat maybe?
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Not really partial.to floyd rose guitars or used but would only be willing to buy used depending on the guitar and price. I do like the les paul type bodies and fender type bodies.
And would be willing to bend at at least to 400 drawing the line at 450.

Side note: idk if this helps but i play shoegazey stuff, think deftones and tool. With the occasional Zeppy overdriven bluesy stuff.
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any 300 series or better (bigger number is better) LTD. they'll have slimmer necks and most will have emg's or similar.

don't bother trying to buy one new, your budget simply will not allow you to meet your needs when purchasing a new guitar. go used and get more for your money.
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VM Strat maybe?

That's what I thought of when I read the OP. If the frets are too small, and I'm understanding you correctly, the extra bit of range, from 24 3/4', to 25.5', iirc, would be greatly beneficial to you.
Gosh, if you think a Special II neck is fat or that it has small frets, or bad access to 16, then you must not have the same thing as I got. On top of the first fret, measuring Over the strings (cuz I'm way too lazy to unstring for such a simple thing) my neck is .88 inches. That goes up to 1.02 at the 12th. I'll grant you that I can't barre on the 16th, but I dont think I can do that on anything. The frets are .108 wide and .046 tall.
Lets compare that to my sg copy: Oh. Well. I was expecting more difference, they feel SO different. 1.02 at the first and 1.14 at 12, frets are .092 x .035
Start copy: 0.09 and 1.04, .088 x .027!
Series A: 0.85, 0.94; .108x.039
Acoustic classical (just for laughs!): 1.04, 1.16 (10th fret, 12 is into the heel) 076x037

So, I just learned that the perception of difference is way different and greater than the measurement of difference. Hmmm.