Graveyards 4: Falls City, NE
I left a part of me in the plains
thinking of Davey
when I shouldn't have been,
on wind paved stretches of grass
out in flint hills
where roadsigns warned

and we wondered what to do,
how to make it to a relative's house
in Falls City on the way to better things with
the road covered over
in carbon clouds tumbling aquatic over barbed wire
and Maggie and I twirling through the sky
along the highway, and mother
shrieking from the shoulder,
her hands still on the wheel while we
disappeared into it, laughing,
then tasting, then tensing,
coughing up the smell,
picking up Maggie and stumbling
dizzy into the fence
staining southern constellations
into Davey’s old t-shirt, still too big to fit,
in a rush back to the car
doors left wide like a parachute flare
to set down a passed out girl
lost in indian prairies, and then
fixing her filthy dress straps slipping low,
her nose running thick with dust
in the back seat, backtracking to another line on the map
that didn't matter really, on the route
to a different city that would treat her better anyway,
mother's hair tumbling in the wind like newsprint, worrying
about mascara running, and giving Maggie time
to sleep out the smoke, her lungs so small,
her veins so full of blood that doesn't belong.
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
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