Listening to it now, it kind of reminded me a bit of The Pretender by the Foo Fighters for some reason? At least the soft part of that song...... But it was nice, the tempo was good, I liked the rythym alot, not something I personally have been hearing alot recently, so it was good to hear. Good job altogether, keep it up! C4C in my sig, post a comment on SoundCloud if you'd like.
Hey thanks man, just had a listen to Sidelines on your Soundcloud and I really liked it. Guitar work was interesting and nice to listen to, vocals were pretty catchy although I do think you might need to improve on the singing in a few bits. But yeah mate, I enjoyed that. Nice one.
So far, it's real nice. I'm a sucker for flanger I really like how it seems to be building momentum, then taking an unexpected turn. It sounds like there's a ton of instruments all doing stuff, which would normally sound clustered and all over the place, but you really pull it off. It's all one cohesive sound. The bass being clear and audible is nice. Drumming is tight. All the other parts compliment each other nicely. Effects are chosen wisely. Ouch. One thing I'm not digging is this end. It just... drops off. You had this great thing going, and just... ended it. Right at the end part would be the perfect moment to either explode in volume and power or drop right down to a quieter part. Honestly it does not that great thing you had going justice. But beyond that this is great, definitely a keeper.

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Cheers! Yeah I originally just wanted the song to be like a calm interlude, it had like 2 guitars when I first wrote it, and then suddenly it got really grand. I'm definitely gonna carry on with a climax to come after that I think. I kinda struggled to understand what you said in your second last sentence but I think got what you meant haha.
Didn't like the intro too much, but the song just got better and better as it progressed. How did you do the drums? Were they programmed? They sound amazing! I love the rich sound the song builds up to; it really kept me interested. Love all the different layers

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