Budget? - Absolute limit is $1000 plus tax. Price is in USD. I'd LOVE to keep it under $750, or more preferably $500 though.

Genres? - I must get the tones from Master of Puppets and One (Metallica), Snowblind (Black Sabbath), and something along the AC/DC and Guns N Roses line.

New or Used? - I prefer new.

Home or Gig? - I jam with a drummer every now and then that requires us to wear earmuffs to not go deaf so I guess I'll say gigging.

Closest City? - Tampa, Fl.

Current Gear? - Blackstar HT-1RH, JCA20H, some Marshall 4x12 (I think it's AVT series, but it has some non-stock speakers. I like it), Metal Muff, Tubescreamer, ISP Decimator, Crybaby, MXR '78.

The JCA doesn't get the big, clear cleans that I want and the Blackstar just isn't loud enough (other than that, it's near perfect).
Jet City Amps JCA50H or JCA100H
Used Mesa Boogie Mark III, Dual Rectumfrier
Marshall JCM 800 or 900, DSL, Vintage Modern
Peavey XXX, Ultra Plus, 3120
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