The song is very simple, and I meant for it to have more of a refrain-oriented structure, but the song sounds incomplete in its current form for me. It's still really rough, and I apologize in advance for the mixing some of the "fuzzies" that crimp the vocals a bit, but I did the best I could with the little recording gear I have haha. Any thoughts or commentaries are more than welcome, and I'll happily give my less-than-stellar opinion on anything you want me to listen to!

The song is called "Guy Fawkes Mask", and it's at the top of my profile:


Thanks again, and just to restate, I'll happily C4C!

"So if 'con' is the opposite of 'pro', then isn't 'congress' the opposite of 'progress'?"
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Awesome stuff, i enjoyed what you had to say. Rough concept or not, id keep it the way it is
Thanks for the crit