Does anybody have any experience with 7 string guitars from Agile? I've heard mostly good things about the brand, namely value for the money, but little to nothing about their 7s. Namely the one I'm looking at right now is Septor Elite 725
Biggest things I'm concerned about are overall build quality and quality of the hardware (electronics, switches, blah blah) and the neck- is it fatter or thinner or strangely shaped? things like that. Any HELPful info would be appreciated
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I own a Agile Interceptor 727 Pro-B. I'll tell you my experiences with it so far.

The guitar is a 27" scale. It's bigger than an average guitar, it actually makes sixes feel really small ahahah but it's an easy adjustment.

The Neck of the guitar is EXTREMELY smooth. It's not a thin neck (it's a seven string, what do you expect) but neither is it very thick. It's about medium sized, perfect for my liking.

The fret access is amazing. All 24 frets are easily obtainable.

The pickups in mine (Seymour Duncan Blackouts) sound amazing. Just amazing. everything is wired in well and, with the pickups being active and needing a battery, there is a little, easy to open, compartment on the back that you can pop open like you would a battery pack on a video game controller and attach the battery. Honestly one of the coolest features I've seen.

The switch is just a switch, nothing special but nothing bad.

The guitar was in tune when I got it, intonation set, action proper. Everything was golden out of the box. Also it came with a battery for the pickups.

The floyd rose in mine does it's job nicely, there's no noticeable lack of sustain and the locking tuners have been 99% reliable. The 1% being SLIGHT tuning issues after abusing the whammy for a solid couple of hours ahahah.

Honestly, it's the best guitar I've ever had in my hands and it was only $1200 for me after shipping. (i got the most expensive shipping btw)
I own an Agile Septor 725.

Mine is 25" scale, hence the name Septor 725. I would agree with everything BloodReverence has said except mine has two differences.

The pickups are Cepheus. They're nothing spectacular but still quite decent. I'm considering a change to EMG's or Seymour Duncans.

Mine is a Tone Pro Bridge, meaning it has the intonation saddle and then the strings travel through the body.

Overall it's a very good guitar and it will be fantastic with new pickups.

Hope you decide to get one as they are really great guitars. Good luck!
From reading literally hundreds of reviews, if you're in the US and want a solid, affordable guitar, then go for it. If you're in the US, you can send it back easily if there are any defects, because they save money on having very little quality control. They're not high-end instruments; you get what you pay for, but they're solid if you get one without defects. I'd like one myself, but not being in the US, it's quite the gamble.
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All that's the exact kind of sxtuff I needed to know, thanks!

And back on the neck, I play a Fender Strat with the C shape neck carve and 12" radius. Besides the obvious extra wood for the extra string, how radical (or not) a departure would the overall neck feel be compared to what I'm used to? I'd like something perhaps a little thinner, but not too much, as you've already pointed out because it's a 7!
The world doesn't revolve around you. If it does, beware. You're probably about to pass out drunk.

The 19 year old who knows his stuff. Most of the time.