I just started recording (USB interface, some cables, SM57, and Sonar). I've had a good time sketching out ideas a little and want to learn more about mixing and making stuff sound cool as I go along too.

This is basically untouched.. maybe a tiny bit of panning on it. How can I make things a little clearer when the bass comes in? Is there anything I could/should do to he bass? I am not an expert on guitar tones either (just been playing for a 1 month) but am not too disappointed with these... they dont hurt my ears at least.

There's is alot to go into. I'd recommend looking into EQ and compression, there should be good tutorials on youtube. EQ will probably help you most here.
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i recommend this tutorial:


i know you are not using digital tones, (neither am I, I'm using a shure sm57 with a huge rig and cubase) but go through this tutorial (actually do it) and you will have a much more improved on grasp of how to use EQ, which in my opinion is one of the most important parts of getting a good mix.

I also agree with the above poster the timing is just making things harder for you, since you've just started try recording a favourite song of yours that you like and is simple or something and try mixing it for practice.
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Using an EQ, I'd use a low pass shelf at about 200-350Hz, should bring up the bass a little, giving it a bit more punch and making it more notable
Thanks for the tips. I'll look into the tutorial and find out what a low pass filter does. I am getting this cleaned up (was hard to set the delay just right, it's a rough/sketch/learning project too) and my friend is going to make me some EZ drums, so I can get some more perspective.

I've found that I can record cleans with closer to center mic placement. Seems like no matter what I do for gain it blows your ears up (head has a dark clean channel, but the speakers are extra mid/high oriented).