Hi Guys,

I wrote this about me and my girlfriend of 5 years parting ways... my past of Drugs caught up to her and she had to bail out...

It was a Saturday and the coffee shop was empty,
So we could sit down at any seat so I let you choose,
You choose the one closest to the door,
I guess you needed a quick way to escape.

We talked for about an hour until your eyes were tear filled,
You touched every single scar that lined my arm,
You didn't want to do it but I guess you needed a break,
You told me that you were leaving this state.

I wasn't the bit surprised I guess it was bound to happen,
The fact that everything I was is not what you deserve,
I said that it's ok and that you can leave when you want,
So you got up kissed me on the cheek and left through the doorway.

I sat there for a moment longer got up and paid for the drinks,
I do not blame you for the way that you left,
There was no screaming or insults thrown,
There was just one hell of a broken down girl.

I walked out to my car as the frost slowly melted away,
It was Spring now so Summertime is here soon,
I guess that when I get back home I will remember,
The way that you used to light up each room.

I wonder to myself if I will receive any postcards,
And you can tell me how much your life has changed,
How much you can smile and not be afraid,
That my past will come back and tear you apart.

Wylde misses you I can tell in the way he just lays there,
He doesn't bark anymore I think he has no words to say,
Just like me you were the one that he loved the most,
He just sits down next to me and lets out slight groans.

The morning air from the beach will always be beautiful,
But it's the image of you standing out on the balcony,
That always made mornings just that little bit more special,
The way the sun lite up your body was just unexplainable.
I like were your going with this but try not to explain every detail, keep it simple and leave out all the unnecessary long bits.